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This may not have aired across the US as yet, so I apologise if it spoils your viewing, but I felt it may be only right to explain it in my journal before the wrong conclusions are made.

Firstly, if you are an avid viewer of Broadchurch (Not Gracepoint), then you will know that two of it's lead characters DS Ellie Miller (Olivia Colman) and DI Alec Hardy (David Tennant) are currently back on UK screens in the new series of Broadchurch S2. Yes, for those of you who have been living under a rock, or hibernating on Mars...there is indeed a S2!

OK, you will also know, if you follow my artwork you will also have got the idea by now that Miller and Hardy / Millardy / or just Ellie and Alec are my OTP (cringe, pull faces, do what you please, yes it is true! I have had many in the past including Jack and Ten, but this is current!)

Anyway, over the years, long before this show came to light, I started creating Broadchurch fan art. As some of you may remember with this,

Broadchurch (Concept DVD Art)

Well, hence to say that was a good while ago now, and since then I have done many more things on these guys.…

I consider myself fairly lucky over the years to have had a few people such as John Barrowman (and if you followed me on social media many moons ago you will know what a scene that picture caused on my feed), his sister Carole Barrowman, Daniele Favilli and a couple of others including writers see some of my artwork. However, I have always been too modest to make a huge thing of it. I normally do this kind of stuff for myself first and others last... So most of it is personal.

However, I was also the last person to expect to get an email from the BBC last Tuesday saying they had seen my Broadchurch work on one of my portfolio websites (not here I hasten to add), and wondered if I would be interested in letting them include it in The Graham Norton Show. If so could I contact them ASAP to discuss further.

I went through all the motions. 'Someone is surely bullshitting me' I said to my partner. 'This surely isn't right? Do you think it's a hoax?' Anyway, I contacted the researcher in question, and low and behold got an email back and received the lowdown on what they wanted.

At first it was ALL Broadchurch Fan Art, including my illustrative pieces. I felt quite honoured but nervous about sharing, so just offered links. (You can't be too careful these days!) A day later, I had another email requesting work they couldn't possibly have seen on the portfolio site, because it is not included there. I had never shown them any of my *Just for fun* stuff that is only included here and maybe on Pinterest, so can only assume, they had looked me up via my other sites looking for a lead to a feature they may or may not have already started to write.

This was when the first mention of "wedding photo manips" came up. I confess, I was a little put out it wasn't my illustrative work tbh, but at the same time thought, what the hell! The worst that can happen (and I did ask) is I become the butt of the nation's jokes! But, knowing I had the opportunity of possibly letting David and Olivia see my work was just a chance I couldn't risk missing. Course, I started to put two and two together when I received another email saying we have chosen three images. All with a similar subject in mind. And it went from there.

I should also say at this point, I had no idea if I was the only person they had contacted. I have seen The GN Show many, many times where fan art, and not always by consent, has been featured on his show. So I did openly say to the researcher...look if this is going to be labelled as something like Bad Broadchurch fan art, I am not interested. I have a reputation to uphold! He reassured me this was not the case.

Unfortunately, a bout of overnight sickness left me quite ill the following day, so I left contacting the show alone until Friday morning. By this time, I knew the recording had been done on Thursday night, and having seen nothing relating to the show / or actors on social media, I decided rather than leave it to chance, I would contact them first. I didn't expect to hear anything, but received an email quite quickly and got told by the researcher, that the pics were included in the recording. However, because he hadn't seen the finished edit he also didn't know until the evening if they had made the final recording. But, did say David and Olivia thought they were great, and no bad comments towards me or the work were made. Phew... Blush 

Then, it was just a question of being on tenterhooks all day and waiting for the airing along with the rest of the UK!

So, just to reiterate. The two pieces shown (there was also a third piece sent, but I changed it last minute to reflect the more revised version. It may have been the reason it was pulled last minute, or not deemed necessary, or it was just timing), were created in 2013/14 to illustrate an idea I had for a fanfic I was writing at the time. Plus, not knowing the outcome of Broadchurch S1 at the time, I think it was fair to say that along with a few others, ideas were being batted around as to how Miller and Hardy's future's may pan out. The wedding idea isn't original. Nor am I advocating that I was the first and only person to have thought of it.

So, non of the pieces were specifically created for the TV show. And I certainly am not the type to go looking for the publicity! After all, whilst these guys are my TV idols, (or should I say David Tennant is God), I think I've fainted. the last thing I wanted to do was put either of them in an awkward spot. However, in true professional style, I think they both handled it rather well. (Privately, I do wonder what on earth they were thinking) :D (Big Grin)Hug But, hence to say I was more than pleased with the onscreen outcome.

I also know the pairing is NEVER likely to become a TV reality. I actually think it might be a mistake to do so. (Then again, who knows what really goes on in that mind of Chibnall's). And, whilst the pairing may not be everyone's cup of tea, I am going to enjoy my 1min 12secs of fame, because I know it is very unlikely to ever happen to me again! I'm just never that lucky...not unless I'm dreaming...

The 5 stages of  #Millardy 
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With an extensive background in the magazine publishing industry, ranging over a period of sixteen years, ifourdezign has attained a varying array of skillsets in layout and print media.

However, it has only been since 2009, that ifourdezign discovered a passion for digital portraiture, and would still consider herself relatively new to this style of painting.

“You are rarely taught these kind of skillsets in a live studio environment. There just isn’t time when you’re on a tight deadline. So much of what you learn comes from the work you do in your spare time.” — ifourdezign

Also, in the last few years, ifourdezign has also started to delve into another new passion, 3D posing software. Something of a revelation considering ifourdezign in a bygone era had 3D phobia after failing miserably on the first day of an Autocad course! This style of work has more recently started to appear in commercial work.

As a self-confessing perfectionist, with a keen eye for detail, ifourdezign believe’s it is often these extra intricacies that can make the difference to a project. And it is high on her agenda to continue producing, detailed, high quality, photo-realistic work, utilizing both 2D and 3D software, in both personal and commercial projects.

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Evident in i4dezign73/ ifourdezign’s portfolio is her passion for Fan Art. This contains both commercial and *just for fun* work. Commercial work offered here is available to buy at

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Please Note: All commercial TV related work is created using either Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator / 3D Software based programs. Any figurative content featuring actors has been created from scratch. They are NOT photograph's that have just had a photoshop filter / or an illustrator live trace filter placed over the top. Nor or do I EVER do paintover digital portraits. ALL portraits are painstakingly painted USING photography as reference only. For ALL details on background workings on most pieces you can visit my Behance account.

Also available to view at my Behance is some background info on commercial pieces available here. (See website link below)

Key Interests:
Photorealism - Digital Painting and Portraiture / Vector Art / 3D Rendering and 3D Digital Painting / Photo Manipulation / Fan Art (and of course, David Tennant!)

Why the two names? Simples - i4dezign73 is predominantly my Fan Art / Just for fun acc. ifourdezign is for my commercial ventures. Always search for ifourdezign when seeking out products from my shop accounts outside of DA

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