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*NEW* DW Banksy (Promo) by i4dezign73 *NEW* DW Banksy (Promo) by i4dezign73

DW Banksy by ifourdezign…

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In 2013, I created what I thought would be a one off bespoke design entitled Tenth Banksy. A subtle tribute, but in no way dull, graffiti design, mocked up as a little tribute, and inspired by the famous, and no doubt very rich, street artist - Banksy.

However, I recently revisited the artwork and set about updating the original design. But, after much deliberation, and a helpful comment on social media, not only do I bring you a 'revised Tenth Doctor' but all his fellow Timelords, in a whole new range of designs entitled DW Banksy

This set of designs now includes ALL 12 Doctors + the War Doctor, inc. any wording or numbering to reflect each Doctor. So now you get the doctor of your choice. w00t!  All posters / Pillow designs and smartphone cases include a brick overlay, intended to serve as a textured brick wall finish.

Please note: The above promo design is for aesthetics only. All designs featured are separate products. The image shown is NOT a standalone poster. The War Doctor Tee is not shown but includes the same text as the poster - No More (See link for all items included in the range)

Timelord Timepiece: - Also included in this set is two posters (The second of which includes a Tardis). The design, is intended to be bright, slightly garish, colours used similar to that in bright street art. It incorporates all 13 Doctors, + Rose Tyler / The Moment and Clara Oswald, shown in the centre, and though not canon is based on the the scene from the Day of The Doctor.

Tenth Banksy (Original)    NEW - Grunge Version

Tenth Banksy (Original Version) by i4dezign73           Tenth Banksy (Grunge Version) by i4dezign73

Linking to my work: If you make reference to this artwork anywhere outside of the Deviant Art community via a shared link, please be kind enough to credit ifourdezign as the original creator/owner of the work, making sure all links come back to this account  - If share buttons are not available to you, this means you are NOT permitted to post elsewhere. (Artwork may be NSFW and contain mature/sensitive content).

You can also follow my updates on Behance / Pinterest / Twitter - under ifourdezign. (NB: This is my art account only).

Thank you for taking the trouble to look.

©2014 ifourdezign. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Rafido
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merlin07 Featured By Owner May 17, 2014
Way cool, love it!
i4dezign73 Featured By Owner May 17, 2014   Digital Artist
Well why have one when you can have all 13 - Cheers :)
vulcangirl14 Featured By Owner May 17, 2014
This is really cool! Great job!
i4dezign73 Featured By Owner May 17, 2014   Digital Artist
Thank You
vulcangirl14 Featured By Owner May 17, 2014
You're very welcome :D
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